Hello all. I was going to write up posts for the weeks I had not. Then I thought about it and want to do this as realistic as possible. So I will not go back and fix in weeks and just do my best to fill you all in on what has transpired during my… Continue reading 04_19_2019


Welcome back all. Well I stepped on the scale this past Monday and to my joyful happiness I noticed that my weight was 280.6 pounds. That is around 11 pounds since I started keeping a record. I am keeping up with my 3 rides on the recumbent bike a day which is good being I… Continue reading 03_23_2019


My last weigh in was on Monday March 11th of 2019. My weight was 285 pounds. I lost 2 more pounds. My next one will be tomorrow. I started using the manual treadmill but wow that is hard. I can only do a few minutes at a time and will work my way to monger… Continue reading 03_17_2019


Welcome to the first entry into my journey to weight loss. The weight was taken on Monday March 4,2019. I will get to the weight at the end of the entry. Long drum roll please. I figured I would start off by going a little deeper into how this all started. My getting myself healthier… Continue reading 03_7_2019