Hello all. I was going to write up posts for the weeks I had not. Then I thought about it and want to do this as realistic as possible. So I will not go back and fix in weeks and just do my best to fill you all in on what has transpired during my time of no writing.

Ok well I had one week where I plateaued. then I started losing roughly 4 pounds a week. Except for this last one where it was 3. I am currently down to 270. I am feeling really good. I am also noticing, except for last night, it is helping me sleep better.

I have also been doing a squat challenge, a 28 day one, to the best of my ability and it seems to be going well. Today I have to do 55. For me that means 1 set of 10 and then 3 sets of 15. It varies in amounts day to day. One could be 55 the next 20. Again though I think it is helping.

I am up to season 9 of NCIS. I listen to the 200th episode a couple of days ago. I am still doing 3 rides a day but need to work more on the treadmill.

Well I think that is it for now. Have a great one.

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