Welcome to the first entry into my journey to weight loss. The weight was taken on Monday March 4,2019. I will get to the weight at the end of the entry. Long drum roll please.

I figured I would start off by going a little deeper into how this all started. My getting myself healthier started on September 9,2017. That is the day I stopped smoking. I had been planning on it for a while before then and just kept mental track of why I wanted to quit. It came to a Friday night and I worked it out so that I would smoke my last cigarette right before I went to bed. I did that and have not gone back since.

We ended up having a really bad winter and we also had moved that December. Then I put on some weight. So several months ago I got a recumbent bike.

I started using it about a month and a half ago and could only use it for short periods at a time. I kept at it, listening to an audio book, while doing so. I got my time up to about 20 minutes each ride and then pushing it to about 40.

I then moved up to listening to episodes of NCIS on Netflix and have stayed at around 44 minutes per workout.

I do that for about 3 rides a day and a 4th if I am feeling particularly energetic. I am up to season 4 now. We had a friend help us set up our manual treadmill a few days ago and that one is tougher but I will work at it until I get it and can walk for longer distances.

Now for the weight from Monday. It was 287 pounds down 4 pounds in a week!

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