No Two Dogs Are Created Equal

Hello all and welcome back. When you apply and go for a new guide you are not the same person who went for the last one exactly. You may walk a little faster or slower. You may need more pull or less. Each time though the trainers study video of you or just watch and listen to what you have to say as you go on what is called a (Juno) walk. This is how they try and match a dog they have in the kennels to you and hope that you both make a safe and productive team. This however does not always work and they may have to find a better match. I have been lucky in this respect.

My first match was with Delaney. She was 73 pounds of pure muscle. She was a truly (old school) dog. There was a little treat training but not much. A lot of it was done with leash correction or voice control. Delaney loved her job and it showed. She pulled so hard that if I walked up a hill I didn’t even feel it. It was almost like walking downhill. If someone was walking in front of us and not fast enough for her she would pass them quicker than a hiccup. There were times when I swear she knew where we were going before I did.

Secondly I had Edgar who was about 10 pounds bigger and a ton slower than Delaney. His motto was will get there just have patience lol. The common theory is that it is a lot easier to slow a dog down than it is to speed them up. He proved this wrong. I was able to speed him up nicely for a few years at least. He was definitely my most laid back dog and in his retirement he was even in an independent film titled (BobAndEdgar the movie) that can be found on Amazon Prime.

Lastly there was Squire who was a mix of both. He had Delaney’s pull and speed and Edgar’s size. He was on the bigger size of 78 pounds. He learned routes the fastest. He was very good at obedience and even doing it off leash. We only had to do a route one time and he had it down. He was surely my most vocal dog earning himself the nickname Oy because of the sound he would make when he wanted to eat, play or poop. One of his most endearing traits was something he learned during the first couple days of our training. He taught himself to give Eskimo kisses and could do it on command.

Well as I mentioned before I am about to hopefully soon go back for another dog. Only the fates know however what type he or she will be. Either way I am looking forward to it with all of my heart and soul.

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